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 Procurement of 3D point cloud information (PCD) utilizing a laser scanner and adjusting it to a video outline is another methodology that is effective for retrofitting extensive items in hefty pipeline modern offices. This work contributes a conventional structure for intuitive retrofitting in a virtual climate and an automated aeronautical vehicle (UAV)- based tactile arrangement configuration to get PCD. The structure embraces a 4-in-1 alignment utilizing a point cloud enlistment calculation for a pre-prepared PCD alignment with the fractional PCD, and casing by-outline enrollment technique for video alignment. This work likewise proposes a virtual intuitive retrofitting system that utilizes pre-characterized 3D PC helped configuration models (computer-aided design) with a modified graphical UI (GUI) and representation of a 4-in-1 adjusted video scene from a UAV camera in a work area climate. Preliminaries were completed utilizing the proposed structure in a genuine climate at a wat